stay for the healing!

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website. I am currently in transitioning out of giving psychic medium readings into a simpler lifestyle focused on healing. The type of readings I gave were to help people dig a bit deeper on their path or uncover a new one, and this was rewarding to help people in this way, however I began to feel that it was no longer part of my path and I began to take breaks from giving readings.

Since finding Reiki back in the 90’s and beginning my journey with Reiki healing training in 2005 I have thoroughly enjoyed incorporating it into my daily life, and especially love teaching others how to use it and heal themselves. This path has rung true for me throughout the years since as a deeper passion. Being able to work face-to-face with my clients or from a distance brings me joy. I love hearing back from a client after I’ve done a space clearing that their home feels lighter as soon as they walked in. Or that their healing session continues to unfold for them throughout the following days and weeks. I especially enjoy hearing from students who’ve really incorporated Reiki into their daily life and/or into their business.

Other modalities I use daily are doTERRA Essential Oils and Destiny Cards, and I post regularly about both of these on Instagram and Facebook.

lf you’re interested, I’m available for Reiki Healings and Classes/workshops, everything about doTERRA Essential Oils from DIY products to classes and mentoring, Destiny Card readings, and I have a small tattoo salve company¬†(website coming soon), and of course focusing on growing amazing veggies in my garden.

Yes, I want to book a session or learn more!

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